The GraveGame!!

Okay so you're probably wondering, "Toby, what the actual FUCK is The GraveGame?" Well it's just one of those stupid little trading games, like YumYum Shoppes, Teeny Towers, Buttons, and all that shit. All you really do is get a grave base and a sign for your page and make them look how you want, then you put em on your own website for others to take and add to their graveyard!


So the graves have like no rules just like. no nsfw, link back peoples websites, everyone has to make a sign for their graveyard, and NO STEALING SIGNS!!! (they're what makes each graveyard EXTRA unique!!) And for how the graves look: Do you wanna make your grave the physical embodiment of how every single flavor of monster energy tastes mixed together? go for it. wanna make it into literal scene kid hell?? go right the fuck ahead, i wont stop you. change the colors of the graves all you want, only thing that stays is the dirt's color and the image sizes. apart from that, i genuinely don't care how you make it look. GO WILD FUCKERS!!!! And guess what!?!??!? GIFS ARE ALLOWED. Go absolutely fucking batshit bannanas insane with the animations on them!! I think it'll look cool as hell!!
Other stuff you can do with em is make as many graves as you want for your graveyard, use them to link back to other's sites (if u wanna idc it is what it is), and make extra decoration pieces for your graveyard (as long as dirt hex code is the same, and so is the image size!!)
OH also , the dirt's hex code is #643c2c, and the graves' size is 77x71px!!!! Have fun gravediggin' everyone !!

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