CRIMMIS UPDATE!! - 12/25/22 , 12:19 AM

HI AGAIN!! already a second update since i wanted to highlight some new additions to the site tonite as well as say HAPPY HOLIDAYS 2 THOSE WHO CELEBRATE LITERALLY ANYTHING AT ALL!! and to those who get fun presents n things- i hope u get something friggin AWESOMESAUCE and have an amazing day/night!! :DD AND NOW, ONTO THE UPDATE LIST!! along with this amazing little blog section i added, i also REMOVED the link to the gif hoard ((dont worry! its just for renovation, not gone forevr!!)), ADDED new blinkies and stamps to the main page, made the blinkie marquee pause on hover now ((i know that little game of graphics fishin can get reallll old reaallll quickly, and sometimes ya need to get a reeeeaaalll good look at somethin!)), i also of course linked the blog section to the main page complete with a pretty little neon 'NEW!' marker, and finally, swapped out one of the buttons on the bottom of the screen with a new lapfox/halleylabs themed one i found earlier! again, THANXXX 4 READIN and have an awesome day and/or night!

NEW BLOG SECTION!! WOOHOOO!!!!! :DD - 12/24/22 11:22 PM

HI!!! so UH!! i decided to make that blog section finally!! should give people more of a reason to revisit this site, AND it gives me a fun excuse to ramble about stuff outside of my enclosure ((my tumblr blog of the same name LOL)) but yeah!! expect blog updates every once n awhile on this page! supppeerrr fuckin excited to add stuff to here!!! also, did you know this websites third birthday is comin up next year? THATS RIGHT!! THREE WHOLE YEARS OF RUNNIN THIS PLACE!!!! kind of crazy to think about, even if it aint that big of a number yet. ((its april 2nd, btw, if you wanted to know!!)) unsure if i will do anything when it comes around, but who knows, we'll see! :) really though, im super happy i've finally gotten that motivation to update this website again, expect more fun stuff in the future! not really planning anything in specific, just whatever i think is cool like always. ANNNYYYWAYYYS!!! thank you sooo fucking much to anyone who decided to check up on my site today and read this, seeya later! ^_^

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